Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yep, another Vietnam terrain update

OK, had time this evening to "nearly" finish up the first terrain board. Posting some pictures here of it...yes, the Germans are still on the board.

I think this board looks pretty good so far. The reason that I say that it is "nearly" finished is that I have ordered the stuff I am going to use in the rice paddies (see this link) but it has not yet arrived. Perhaps tomorrow?Once the paddy plants come in I'll pour the water resin in too.

I also bought a very small resin statue of "Buddha" to use as a shrine. Still processing on which board it will be a part of. Also, I am going to make at two more buildings for the village.

The jungle on this board, and indeed all of my boards, is light jungle. I can make additional stands of trees to place on the board when heavier jungle is called for, and this will minimize some of the hassle of moving miniatures on a table with fixed terrain...then again, this is not the Seven Years War with its perfect ranks of close order troops. This is Vietnam, loose formations is the norm.

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