Culp's Hill 4X4

Culp's Hill 4X4 Scenario

This page is dedicated to the creation of a 4' X 4' Wargame Scenario for Field of Battle based on the action at Culp's Hill on the night of July 2, 1863. I'll update this page as I update my plans for the scenario. Much of the background to the plans are covered in the blog itself. I'll keep a running list of those posts here as I go.

Concept Posts
Concept Notes
Determining Unit Strengths - Infantry

Culp's Hill - Evening, July 2, 1863

The action on Culp's Hill will be my first stab at such a scenario. Field of Battle is a rule set I normally equate to using with larger games, but why? Could it not be successful in tighter games? I believe so! 

There is lots of background available on this portion of the overall battle and the importance of the action on the hill. So, I won't put a lot of that information on this page.


This is the terrain map of the battlefield. Each square is 12" across. Field of Battle has a ground scale of 1" = 25 yards.
Terrain Map
Spangler’s farm is a 6” square Class-II “built-up area” per the rules of Field of Battle given the nature of a handful of buildings and some fields and fences.

Hill contours are Class-II. The slope is steep so there are several contours. This may change after some play testing. I may remove some contours. The woods here have some rocky areas and, coupled with the contours of the hill, will make the wooded hill areas Class-III terrain. Other wooded areas are considered Class-II.  We want to slow movement of units, not cripple the game. In FoB, units that are in skirmish formation can ignore these terrain penalties on an "even" movement roll. So, players will have a mechanism by which to improve movement.

Rock Creek will be a Class-II feature, but the other streams will be Class-I, they are just there for simplicity and geographical note.


Confederate Forces
Brigadier General Johnson

Steuart's Brigade
Unit Strength Combat Defense
10 VA 293 D10 D6
1 MD Bttn 424 D10 D8
1 NC 401 D10 D8
3 NC 582 D12 D8
23 VA 266 D10 D6
37 VA 281 D10 D6

William's (Nicholl's) Brigade
Unit Strength Combat Defense
1 LA 183 D8 D4
2 LA 251 D10 D6
10 LA 240 D10 D6
14 LA 298 D10 D6
15 LA 198 D8 D4

Jones' Brigade
Unit Strength Combat Defense
21 VA 251 D10 D6
25 VA 297 D10 D6
42 VA 281 D10 D6
44 VA 241 D10 D6
48 VA 281 D10 D6
50 VA 254 D10 D6

Special Rules

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