Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our Club President

Binhan, our club president has been absent lately with the birth of his first child...a son (and future wargamer). Today he surprised us all by bring the lad to his first wargame convention! Robert Edward Xavier Lin, welcome to the club. Binhan, have you paid his dues yet? Please see Dave.


  1. The place looks a little different now; vending machines, foosball tables, refrigerators, and storage cabinet... what's next, a big screen TV with a surround sound system? Yes, I saw the flat screen TV on the wall in one of the pictures below. How much are membership dues now? ;-)

    Say "Hi" to everyone and pass on my "Congrats" to Binhan.


  2. Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of "the help". We also have two full time waiters and a bartender.

    Don't I wish, regarding the bartender...

    Dues are $50.