Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tamale Interlude

On the non-wargaming front, one of my excellent wargaming pals - John - came over tonight and we fired up the tamale factory. He has a recipe that originated from from his mother, that rocks. We have done this twice now, and before the first time, I thought tamales were gross...I was wrong...they kick serious butt.
John, bustin' them out

We made about 50 tamales, and 3 tamale pies and drank IPAs and scotch. We had the Elton John and the Ronnie James Dio DVD's playing at volume 10 too. You know what, it was a fun evening.

Fixin's and Brewski's
Budda, one of our two dogs offered his help, but, we didn't accept! Our dogs are named after hockey players (the wife and I are rabid hockey fans): Peter Budaj (Budda) and Rob Blake (Blake).
Budda likes pork tamales!


  1. No doubt about it. After looking at these pics, I gotta do some serious hair restoration!


  2. Na, fuggetabowdit. It just goes gray!