Monday, November 22, 2010

28MM Roads

Having the day off, I traveled over to Binhan's house so he could show me his road making technique using cheap craft foam and liquitex.

Last Sunday, he showed me some 15MM roads he had completed and I thought they looked great. Being unhappy with my felt roads that I had been using in my ACW games, I was interested to learn so that I could have better looking terrain! Wow, I think these roads came out great, let me know what you think!

My ACW miniatures are mounted on 40MM squares, and I wanted roads that were slightly wider - but not wide enough for an "attack column". So, I went with 60MM wide roads. The craft foam comes in 18" length, 12" wide (and is about 1/8 thick), my straight sections are 18" long. The batch gave me 15 feet of straight road...and some assorted curves and intersections.

The liquitex easily spreads on like sandy peanut butter and dries in about 3 hours. After spreading, smooth things out with a large and damp paintbrush, then craw wagon ruts with the end of a matchstick. When dry, paint it and add flock to suite your tastes. Here are some pics of the roads from plain to completed. A couple photos have some 28MM Confederates in view to demonstrate size.

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  1. These look good. The wheel ruts add a lot to the overall effect. ~Matt