Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dungeon Delving

It has been a while since we got some dungeoneering accomplished. So, we remedied that today. My nephew Jake game over to play with us too. He's into video games and such, so I thought maybe he'd like to try playing a tabletop game...and...he did like it. Jake, thanks for coming and playing!

Before playing, we talked about using one's imagination to create details in the story that the game produces, and he didn't miss a beat with his imagination before long he was helping us with describing certain things - like a trap on a door that he encountered - he described it as a magical fist that punched out through the door (he passed his tests and the trap did not get him).

Several times during the afternoon, we all played for 4 hours, we offered him Coke, snacks, even pizza - but all he wanted to do was keep playing. Once, he even said, "no thanks, let's get on with the game".

We play a home-spun variant of Two Hour Wargames "Warrior Heroes" - we have lots of monsters written up, and expanded the random dungeon charts in a most excellent way. We call our little version "Warrior Heroes : Magica" in honor of our favorite metal singer, Ronnie James Dio, who battled many dragons, falling only to the fiercest one imaginable.

OK, onto some pics! The dungeon tiles were drawn primarily by Matt - you can only see a few here, but he drew some really spectacular tiles.

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  1. I'm itchin' to do more delving someday soonish. It's amazing how much nostalgia adds to the whole experience. ~Matt