Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Zombies

Well as Halloween approaches and The Walking Dead renews its season, it must mean that it is time for some zombies. We had family and friends over this past Sunday to watch football and all - and it was decided that I'd throw down an impromptu zombie game.

A cool thing about All Things Zombie is that you can always, and quickly, just start playing. So we tossed out some terrain and rolled up a few humans and away we went. There were 5 of us playing. Chris and Stacey played a pair of survivors - one military and one police. Desmond and Rob played a couple of civilians. And I played a Biker. Chris and Stacey paired up and so did Desmond and Rob. Those pairs entered the table at different areas. Being the lone biker in the group, I entered alone in a different area.

The goal was to reach the tallest building in the town and get on the helicopter waiting on the roof. There was a police sniper on the rooftop too, he took a few shots to help us out at various times.

There was only 1 casualty, but several close calls during the game. Chris was fairly indecisive after encountering a small horde of zombies and it cost him his character's life. The police sniper tried to help but there were too many walkers.

The funniest part, to me, was when Desmond got up on the porch of a residence and was soon converged upon by a handful of zombies. Since he was standing by the front door, and was seeing few options outside, he decided to try the door - and found it unlocked. When he entered, there were 4 zombies in the house! However, he won the surprise test and quickly scampered out the back door. Naturally, when he opened the back door and went out, he discovered a handful of zombies in the back! So, he calmly closed the door - delaying the zombies following him from the inside of the house - and made his way over to handle the zombies in the back yard. He did make his way through them with a little combat and made his way up the fire escape and onto the helicopter...

Cool. I like zombies!

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  1. Great photos . Really like the building in the last photo.