Monday, October 17, 2011

Songs of Drums and Shakos

Got to spend a little gaming time yesterday with friends...and played a bit of 28mm Napoleonic skirmish. It was our first run with the Songs of Drums and Shakos (SDS) rules...and I must say...they played well, we had a fun game.

Dan and Andrew and Matt came over - and really helped me have a fine day. We had RedZone on with the football games, we drank beer, Matt was playing and baking bread and my wife made lasagna for us! John came over too, but did not partake in the gaming.

Matt's Bread (we had already eaten one-and-a-half loaves)

Anyway, we only have a small number of painted models at the moment, so it was a small game - a handful of British foot and British horse against equal numbers of French foot and horse. I don't actually have any British horse painted up, so we had to use French hussars as "stand-ins" for the Brits (distasteful, but it worked to learn the rules).

The activation system in SDS works well. You can be safe or gamble, so it usually is not your turn long enough to move all your models - so, there is a nice level of control but you don't get to do everything. The combat system works well too - although my shooting was terrible that morning!

We're looking forward to playing again - Dan went ahead and made a Perry purchase, so he's hooked! Here are some images I took. Dan posted about the fight on his blog, here.

Thanks for a fun time guys!

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