Friday, October 14, 2011

Kampfgruppe : Normandy - it has arrived!

A couple weeks ago, two irresistible forces made themselves known to me. First of all, I got an email saying that Warhammer Historicals is having a 50% off sale. That included Kampfgruppe Normandy, normally like $75 freakin' dollars. Secondly, I had been aware of this excellent review of the rules and sought it out again before buying.So, I bought them. Half off is the only way to go for such a pricey book.

They arrived today. Wow. This is one big book. I have only managed to glance through the pages at this point. Good looking hard-cover book.

The Tome (with a nearby miniature on a 1" round base)
The book has 348 numbered pages. No, that isn't all rules (thank God). The rules start in earnest on page 15 and continue to page 67. Even at that there are plenty of incredible photos and illustrations - so, it is not solid rules.

This many pages does make the book quite thick. Here's a pic of the book's thickness. That is a 25mm Foundry pirate next to it (yes, I should have grabbed a WW2 miniature, silly me).

The remainder of the book is (at first glance, I'll have to dive in deeper over the weekend) a rich and detailed history of the Normandy campaign, unit stats, vehicle stats, etc. I can't wait to read this stuff just from a history angle, I love all things Normandy!

Although I enjoy the Warhammer Historical rules (Legend of the Old West, Legends of the High Seas, Great War), this set is completely different. I believe that there is no linage to Lord of the Rings or Warhammer at all in these rules. The real name of the rules is "Kampfgruppe", this set focuses on Normandy only, hence the sub-title - and why the name is not Kampfgruppe Normandie.

Well. That's it. The wife should be back any minute with the Starbucks. I'll read more and enjoy the book and the coffee. Perhaps, a nice scotch too, later.

Matt and Dan are popping by this weekend for Napoleonic skirmishing - doubtful but maybe, just maybe, we can sneak in a game of Kampgruppe Normandy!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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