Saturday, November 5, 2011

Christmas Trees

Last Christmas, Home Depot had bags of model pine trees...but they were snow-covered and I don't do any snow theaters (sadly. Bastonge would be cool.). I had at the time thought about spray painting away the snow...but never acted upon it.

Recently, when gaming at Brent's place, I saw that he did do it. He bought some and spray painted them and they look great - so - with it nearing Christmas season, I thought I'd give it a whirl given the great results I saw...

So, this morning, I hopped int the car and headed over the Home Depot and bought three bags. They're $7 a bag and have 20 assorted trees: 12 small, 6 medium, 1 medium-large and 1 large tree.

The first thing I did was spray the bases brown. Turns out that this didn't matter since the get a lot of the green paint later. So I sprayed the trees an olive green followed with a highlight spray of light green.

Lastly, Brent mounted his in clusters on CD-ROM disks. This really worked well, making the trees easier to deal with on the field. So I thought I'd give it a whirl too.

What I did was decide to make 6 bases of trees in this manner for the 15mm troops in my collection. Particularly because of the DBN Napoleonic Tournament next weekend. The flocking is just basic right now, I may spruce that up a bit with other materials...but...I think they'll be terrific in games. Here they are.


  1. They look good. I often use CD's as bases, allows easier movement of your figures

  2. Yeah, I am becoming a fan. I am gonna put together a few more.

  3. Nice work Tony. Works well and looks the part.