Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Russians for FoB:WW2

Been painting Russians in anticipation of playing Field of Battle:WW2. I have not played, although it seems that this may be the game for Saturday night at Brent's (if he's not ready for WW2, we'll play some horse & musket).

No, these Russians will not be in that game - I have more to paint before they can battle the German fascist invaders!But, it's a start!

I actually don't understand the basing in the game yet - I asked Brent how to base them and this is what he said to do (I believe to match his Germans). I think he said that one stand was a squad. I'll get clarification from him on Saturday - and I need to learn what rule book to buy.

Anyway, here are some images of what is done so far - pretty good considering they just got here Monday.

Red Army Infantry

Scouts, on the move in Poland

Mortar Team

Ant-tank Gun Team



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