Monday, October 3, 2011

Got some painting in this weekend

I was able to get some good painting time this past Sunday! I brought up one of my folding tables from the basement and set it up right in front of the 55" TV and painted and watched NFL Red Zone all damn day! It was awesome!

I painted up a handful of 28mm British for the Peninsula. Almost done with a few more French Hussars too!

Although I only painted a couple of French soldiers from the French & Indian War period (I actually use these as "Colonial Soldiers" in pirate games) I did mount and prime about 12 more.

I also completed three more squads of 15mm NVA and 3 more NVA mortar teams.

Oh, I did have one glass of scotch (Quinta Ruban) and a few beers. For football food I made roast beef po'boys. Man, I had a great day! The wife? She got up early and went to the Susan G. Komen when she got home about 1ish she took a long nap on the couch and kept one eye on Red Zone too! She's a good soldier, too. I did my housework on Saturday and totally shirked all responsibilities on Sunday - with her blessing!

Red Zone - man, it is the PERFECT channel. First of all, it is six hours of non-stop football - all the best plays! Oh, there are NO COMMERCIALS! The host of the show has even better mastery of the remote control than I do!

This coming Sunday is the wargame club meeting, so no Red Zone, beer, scotch, painting and Cajun food. Huh? Why am I going again?


  1. Great painting, those British are very nice. Cheers, Michael

  2. Thanks. that's just the down-n-dirty "paint and dip" method - I call it "wargame quality".

    The quality of your painting is what I'd call "museum quality". My word, your work is simply spectacular!