Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yankee Regiment

Here is a Yankee regiment from the 28MM ACW collection I recently began. No regiment in particular, despite the presence of a regimental mascot. One of my buildings and some fencing can be seen in the back.

I hope to play the "Black Powder" rule set with these miniatures. We recently played a 15MM test game and liked the rules. Of course, I need to play a few more times before I can really appreciate them. A Friday night in January is the next game. Miniatures are Old Glory.



  1. Where your 15mm ACW figures still based for Johnny Reb III when you played Black Powder with them? Or did you have to rebase?

    Have you seen the new plastic 28mm ACW figures from Perry Miniatures? I picked up a box and I like how you can really mix things up. They should blend in very well with the Wargames Foundry chaps you have.

    I think I'll stay on the path you started me on and keep my 15mm ACW Armies as my main collection. Are you converting to 28mm? What are you going to do with your 15's?

  2. I am converting my ACW collection to 28MM. The 15s are heading to North Carolina to "reinforce" his collection. I am also doing a few 10MM to play Zouave (Bob is doing Yankees).