Monday, December 21, 2009

28MM Cornfield Tutorial

Just in case there is interest, thought I'd post a tutorial on how I made my cornfields. First is the materials:

A small "Christmas tree". I got mine at a local craft store for about $6. It has thin branches, thinner than the wreath material. Unfortunately it has no part numbers or description.

Bases. I use a fiber board base. Each base is marked three rows and each row has 5 corn stalks. Each row is 3/4" apart and each stalk is 1/2" apart. This makes the bases about 2 3/8" by 2 3/4". I marked out 44 bases and marked each of them for rows and stalks before cutting them out. Once cut, I drilled a 3/32" hole for each stalk...and spray painted the bases brown.

Using a small snipper, I clipped the stalks from the tree. Each stalk is approximately 1 3/4" tall. Some are slightly larger and some are slightly shorter to achieve some variance in the corn.

The stalks are then glued into the holes on each base. The wire core of each stalk fits almost perfectly into the holes.

That's it. Pretty easy...and monotonous...but easy...and monotonous.


  1. Tony, they look great. However, as you know I have a 15mm ACW figure collection. You come up with some great ideas for terrain - teddy bear fur for grass roofs, brilliant! - so what would you recommend for 15mm Cornfields?

  2. Well. This type would be a little too big for 15s. For 15s I use astroturf...available at any home store here in the States. Look at the logo of this site: That is what I use. Maybe I can get a picture up for you later on with some 15s...

  3. Speaking about basing material, I found this great stuff to use for figure bases in Thailand. Hard to explain it, but I think it is some sort of plastic. It looks, cuts, paints, glues, and stiff like it is a cross between a hard wood/resin/plastic... it's great stuff! Also easy to cut. Will have to send you a sample I think. Oh, and it doesn't warp when wet.