Saturday, December 19, 2009

Next: 28MM Colonials?

Well, I have been thinking that after I get enough 28MM ACW figures collected, that I want to get into 28MM Colonials next. I really like the Zulu War - no doubt fueled by seeing the movie Zulu when I was young.

When I see the Zulu War range of models offered by Empress Miniatures, I am just blown away. They are truly awesome.

I, like many, have done colonials before using the famous range of Ral Partha miniatures. While those are perfectly fine miniatures, the more recent releases have simply surpassed them in beauty and historical accuracy.

I am thinking that I'd collect a combination of metal and plastic miniatures. The bulk of the Zulu warriors would be plastics with all of the key or "character" miniatures being metal. The British and thier local allies would be mostly metal miniatures.


  1. Yes, they are nice figures. And if I didn't already have a large collection, well... But remember all those Ral Partha Colonials (true 25mm figures) I had? Well, I took them with me so I still have them. Sold or gave away practically everything else, but I still have all my Brits, Zulus, Dervishers, Boers, Egyptians, etc.

    Since you don't want your Ral Partha Colonials anymore, I'll take them ;-)