Tuesday, December 15, 2009

28MM Cornfields

I saw a picture somewhere of some 28MM cornfields that were made from Christmas wreath material...and got inspired. I wanted to make some good looking corn stalks, and I wanted them to be high. Every time I drive past the cornfield that butts against our neighborhood, I see the tall corn and dream of the Miller Cornfield at Antietam. In my mind, I can see the flags above the corn level and imagine the lines of men trampling through the corn.


I am going to mount them similar to my prototype shown in the picture. This way, I can move the elements of corn as units enter a cornfield and trample it. The rows will be 3/4" apart and individual stalks in a given row will be about 1/2" apart. I think I may dry brush a touch of yellow on the tops, we'll see. I think I am going to leave the base brown, the dirt of the field. Any thoughts on that?

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