Saturday, December 12, 2009


I have had “painter’s block” for the last few months. I had gone after it pretty hard, cranking out 28MM Americans and Germans for WW2 and 28MM Yankees and Rebels for ACW, then worked picked up…blam…the painting stopped. So, I thought I’d start my own wargaming blog to help get me rolling again. Paint, post pics; paint post pics.

I just got a good chance to pick up the brush again. My friend Dave had some spare Japanese WW2 soldiers, so I grabbed them from him and cranked them out. They appeared to be…and were…a nice simple task. The group I am gaming with is going to begin to do some Pacific theatre stuff in 2010. I may hold on to these Japanese soldiers or sell them off (I have Americans already and sorta want to paint some US Marines).

Another benefit of the blog is that, my brother, who lives on the east coast, can sorta keep up with the stuff I am working on and playing. Over the summer, he sent out to me some 15MM colonial troops to knock out for him…just in time for the painter’s block. So, this blog can also let me post pics of the Brits and Dervish pieces I will continue to work on.

Ok, on with it already…

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