Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where ya gonna go...

...when the volcano blow? Here is an image of the volcano I worked on the past weekend. It is certainly game-ready, but I'd like to add a small "leak" of hot lava to it. There is a narrow pathway up the side of the volcano which will lead to a really sweet treasure in the scenario. Of course, the volcano is a dangerous place - one of those high risk high reward types of places. Some of my pirates and palm trees are placed in the picture to give scale.

The volcano is made from a paper towel roll with angular supporting spines and is covered with paper towel shards that were soaked in a glue/water mix. It has been sprayed with textured spray paint but you can still see some paper towel texture. Well, groovy enough for a fun game. The pirates are 25MM Old Glory Miniatures, the palm trees are cake decorations and dollar store toys.

Yankee Command

Here is the command element of the Yankees in overcoats. Those Wargames Foundry chaps sure do make some nice miniatures!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I have been thinking about doing a big pirate game...just a stand-alone game. I and some other club members have so many really awesome pirate miniatures. Here is what the players of the scenario would have access to:

Download Pyrates

Of course, there is a little more than meets the eye as far as the players are concerned. Should be a hoot. I built the volcano already, I'll post some pics of it soon.

Tell me what you think about the scenario!

More Yankees

I am not sending about 24 miniatures to Sri Lanka...instead I'll be painting them...namely because they are an easy paint job...Yankees in their overcoats. I completed the first element of 4 last night. Tonight, I'll attempt to complete another element of 4, the command element. It has a drummer, two standard-bearers and an officer. Here's a pic of the first element.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rebel Army Command

Here is the Army Command for my Confederate Army. Yep, that's Marse Robert in the middle, asking for his field glasses...but I am just thinking of him as a generic corps commander, hence the generic corps flag. Having a miniature of Grant and of Lee simply has few uses on the tabletop...but, I got the minis at an unbelievably excellent price.

Yankee Army Command

I recently acquired some Wargames Foundry miniatures for the American Civil War. While I'll be sending about 200 infantry off to Sri Lanka for painting, I decided to make a command element for my Union Army and Confederate Army. I was without this level of command for my wargames...until now! Here is the Union command. Yes, the central miniature is of Grant, but in my case he is simply a Yankee general. I really like the general in the kepi, he is holding his pocket watch in his right hand - no doubt wondering why the attack planned for this hour has not yet started. After trying to decide which corps flag to place onto the stand, I decided that I would go off-road and pick a rare number (24th, yes there was a 24th Corps) and a non-historical symbol (the six-pointed star).


I was in Hobby Lobby yesterday, and saw a desert terrain kit for $, I bought it. The cactus and grasses that come in it are really great. Here are the cacti with a mounted cowboy, a pony soldier and an Apache warrior.