Sunday, March 14, 2010


Ok, enough work for the weekend. Decided I'd make my Trioxin canisters. Contained within these drums is the chemical - developed by the U.S. Army - that caused the Zombie Apocalypse. We're gonna use it in our Zombie Campaign that will hopefully begin next month.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

British WIP

Ok, here is the result of yesterday evening's work...some highlanders and standard bearers. Will finish up the highlanders today, you can see the spaces left on the stands for the remaining 4 models. I will send them off on these plain bases so that my brother can flock them to match his other units.

I won't base the standard bearers as he will add them into existing units. Also, I did not paint a cuff color on them so that he can do that to match the unit that the model moves into.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

British Colonials - 15MM

Other than a few errands this morning, I got myself into the painting mood by preparing some scenery items for my brother's 15MM collection of British Colonials. He'll add some additional flocking to them when he gets them to help them blend into his collection. I hope that these will play well for him in both the Sudan and the Zululand.

First up is a group picture of the items. Some tents and a cattle pen. The tall tent on the base is intended to house either an officer vignette or a hospital vignette. The other tents are just to provide a target for the Queen's enemies and a base to defend for her soldiers. (Yes, that is a glass of Guinness in the back of the shot - one must be properly provisioned whilst painting!).

Next up is closer shot of the cattle pen. The cattle are removable so that Her Majesty's brave men can enjoy a little cover.

Last up are some common tents and a supply wagon. Who knows, perhaps this wagon - in a future tabletop battle - will be the source of the ammunition for the men. You know, keep it in camp where it is nice and safe, we can't keep ammo too close to the firing line! Why, it could get captured or wasted if it were there!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Zombie Hunters

Gonna post some zombie hunter minis. All of these are from the Westwind line for "Roadkill" and are available thru Old Glory in the US. No, for zombie games I do not invest a grand paint job on the minis (although, I do put more effort into the zombies, of course!).

The zombie hunter with the golf club could be Tiger Woods...hunting for zombies...and chicks. The four rednecks are simply fun.

My next paintings will be back to the colonials to finish up a little more and get a package off to my brother. Seems that he and his gang out in North Carolina are doing a solid, wall-to-wall day of gaming on the 27th.

So, more colonial pics to come soon.