Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spanish Church Part Two

Yesterday was  a nice and quiet day - did a little studying for iPad programming and got the second floor of the Mission built out. The blog post about Part One is reached by clicking here. Building part one was a lot of work and I needed to step away from it for a while (and other projects arose), and with the perfect day for building terrain yesterday - I made some serious building progress!

The Mission will be the star attraction in a planned day of Song of Drums and Shakos gaming at the December club meeting. There are a lot of club members interested in trying the game, so Dan (club president) and I are gonna throw down three scenarios all running simultaneously.

One scenario will feature the Mission. If you look at the images below and the images from the Part One post, there should be tons of intense little skirmish battles going on this table! Wow!

Another scenario will feature a Spanish farmhouse (one of the two other buildings recently constructed) and the surrounding terrain. The terrain includes a waterway and a bridge!

The third scenario will feature a building and a dock and a large naval ship and Dave's British marines!

We're looking to build beautiful tables and have fun games - so bring your cameras! On to the pics...

Front View

Rear View

Side View

Side View

The Bell Tower

Oh, the good news on the iPad programming is that I can use MonoTouch to utilize the programming skills I already have in C# to port to the iOS! Yes, I don't have to learn another programming language at this time! I would like to get some Objective-C going on, but not yet! The project I have in my mind for the iPad can be done in C#...


  1. Again Tony, your buildings and attention to detail are remarkable. Nice Work, as the French I can't wait to light this on fire and take out the gold...haha...

  2. Great work Tony. Really like your buildings.