Friday, November 25, 2011

15mm Colonials

These images are from September of 2010 - when I traveled to Charlotte to visit my brother Ben. One night we threw down a game of Black Powder - in the Sudan. He and I both are big fans of the Sudan. Ben's collection of miniatures is awesome and large - and still growing!

I remember little of the game that night, except that the rockets were pretty fun and crazy. Also, we didn't really finish the battle that night due to (1) beer drinking, (2) the late (early) hour and (3) scotch drinking.

So, I thought I'd finally get around to posting these images - I saw them this morning on a disk.

The outpost to be rescued


Dervish camelry

The Dervish advance

Egyptian reinforcements

The Sirdar directing operations

The Sirdar

Mounted clash!

The British cavalry and Naval Brigade held, but not without cost

Foolish Egyptians!

Luckily, the British advance succeeded

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  1. Great photos Tony. An impressive collection of troops too.