Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spanish Church - Part One

OK, able to make some real progress on the Spanish Church today - I have been pretty busy at work the past few weeks and have only worked on the terrain piece on and off as a result. Today however, was a good day to get the last pieces finished on the ground level and get some texture and a base coat of paint.

What is this you ask? Well, a loooooong time ago, a friend of mine asked me to build him a Spanish Church for Napoleonic skirmish games. I said sure, in fact it was a trade a really awesome book on the the Napoleonic War in Spain and a bunch of materials in exchange for my labor. Well, it never happened, too many projects for both of us, timing being poor - and, frankly, my motivation for a large scale project like this was in and out. I even had a couple of "false starts" on the project.

Well. Now the project is off and running. I guess my extra motivation came in two forms: (1) at the swap meet, I horse traded for some miniatures in this period and (2) the rules Songs of Drums and Shakos looks awesome. So, away we go...

Here are some images of the base-painted ground level. We'll start with the overhead view. The second photo has some descriptions of the plan. The piece is 24 inches X 24 inches. Yes, the mystery hand is the wife playing solitaire on her iPad2.

Now, here are just some images with a few of my miniatures just to show some areas of detail and scale. Right now doors are plain, but they won't be when done. Lots of other detailing to do too. Next step is to paint this level. Then I will build the next level up.

This will be good for Pirates, too.

Attention! An officer approaches!

Guarding the side entrance to the church.

These posts may stop a bullet!

Galloping thru the compound!

A dragoon investigates the out-building.

The tiles offer an officer a little shade.

The back courtyard and some fusiliers.

Main entrance to the church.

English in the main gates.

The stairs up and a cross in the compound.

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