Thursday, November 10, 2011

28mm WW2 Russians Completed

Sweet. Got the Russians done. Ready for action on the 19th!

I bought the Flames of War Soviet Paint set - great colors in there. From that set, the uniforms are "Khaki Grey" with a "Khaki" highlight. The blanket rolls are "USA Tan Earth". The bags are "Pale Olive" from Reaper Paints. I paint a thinned wash of Minwax PolyShade "Tudor" - this produces the same results as the Army Painter method (except that a jar of this is $7 instead of $30). Dull-cote when dry and the figure is ready for gaming.

I have 4 platoons of infantry (each of 3 squads), 2 mortar teams, 2 HMG teams, 1 76mm ATG team, 2 T-34/85's (each is a platoon) and 6 command teams.

Here they thing I really like about this style of basing is that I can really do some "diorama" type stuff here and there to spice it up.

Advancing past the wire

T34/85's ready for action

The Force

Komrade Komissar


  1. That's a great force Tony.Lovely painting and beautiful basing.