Monday, July 12, 2010

Vikings Raid the New Table

Yesterday, my good friend Matt was unexpectedly available for gaming and visiting. As I consider him a very good friend, person and dad, I quickly suggested that we get together and christen the new gaming table in my office! With 28MM Vikings! He readily agreed and it was on.

First, the table. My upstairs wargame room doubles as my office when I work from home, so the table in there needs to be functional for many things. I have been looking and not finding a suitable table for some time. But, a week ago, my wife found the perfect table! It is 22 inches high (coffee table height) and is 42 inches square. A very nice size for playing games like: DBA, DBN, Legends of the High Seas, Legends of the Old West, Viking Raids, Modern Zombies, etc. Here are a couple of shots showing the table - dressed for a Viking raid on a hamlet in Engaland. The second shot shows how the table has four "stools" that slide under the table and offer excellent storage (terrain, felt, additional miniatures, etc.).

The following images are of the battle in progress. The Vikings were victorious but were roughly handled at first and Matt was nervous. In the end, some loot was gained (the inhabitants had warning of the raid and had hidden as much loot and as many animals and civilians as possible). Turns out I did not take as many photos as I had thought, but here they are...

I'll write a blog posting soon about the Viking Raid rules we use, as we think they are quite fun and interesting. I'll also post about the campaign Matt and I wish to run.


  1. What happened to the large table?

  2. Ah, yeah, was just a folding table...that is in the basement for larger gaming.