Saturday, July 17, 2010

15MM Vietnam War Terrain

Yesterday, I made some terrain for my brother's Vietnam War collection. He's a busy guy working long hours, and a new dad, so his time for such activities is limited and he likes to spend his free time actually gaming not building terrain. Plus, i like building this stuff and if I can build stuff for him that helps him have fun in our hobby, then it was worth it.

I acquired about 35 bases of 15MM palm trees for him the other day from a good friend here that was getting rid of them...but...we're still shy of some terrain for the jungles of the Mekong delta. So...I started with some "hooches" that would ripe for a "zippo raid". Binhan made the pattern and I filled it with some textures from the internet. Binhan then assembled them after we color-printed them on my bitchin' color laser printer. I think that they look pretty darn good.

Next, I did some bunkers. This first one represents an individual hole that an enemy guerrilla would use to pop up from and ambush a patrol. Depending on the scale of the game, this could represent a small unit of men dug in in this manner.

This next bunker is supposed to represent an left over French bunker (concrete) that has been reactivated. I based it on a diagonal figuring that the bunker would offer a 45 degree field of fire and the sides of the base would be perfect for that. In the rear, but not shown in the image, is a steel entrance door.

The last bunker is a simple log bunker that offers firing to the front.

None of the bunkers can actually hold a base full of miniature soldiers, as the Vietnamese bunkers seemed quite low. So, the bunker itself would be a unit in most rules.

Next up? Rice paddies!

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  1. love the hooches can you send me the file or post them on here as i am in desperate need of soom for my 15mm games