Saturday, July 17, 2010

The First Viking Knarr

My friend Matt built a Knarr whilst I was working on Vietnam terrain. The Knarr is a Norse cargo ship...a seaworthy vessel used on many trading and exploration journeys. The model is 11.5 inches long and almost 4.5 inches wide at center. As you can see, it can hold many warriors and their loot. The steer-board is particularly cool! Dragon-headed attachments still to come.We intend to use this ship in an upcoming series of Viking games!

Leave some comments and let Matt know what you think!

1 comment:

  1. It is awesome!!! Great details to the cargo and men, I like it! =D

    A note on the dragon head attachment... Only the warrior ships, the Longboats, wore dragon heads at the front. The Knarr you have made here is perfect as it is. However, if it was for the game's sake, I have no authority to stop you from having added a dragon head ^_^.

    Once again, an awesome ship you have made there!

    I hope it is ok for you that I have copied the pictures of it to use for a wood carving project I have, as an idea to how it should look like. =)

    Many greetings from Thomas Johansen, a Norwegian archaeologist with pride in our ancestors shipbuilding skills.