Sunday, July 18, 2010

Other than paint...

...I think that the office is basically completed. It is a nice place now to work (when I work from home) and to game. The desk arrived Friday, and was actually quite the fiasco. I stayed out back with the dogs while the delivery folks were here bringing in the two desk pieces. Well, they did some measuring and said to my wife that they were not going to take if off the truck since it would not fit through the door into my office. Well, she got me, and the furniture was quickly off of the truck. The measurements were correct, it was not going to fit...but...I have dome this before as I worked for a couple of years in the office furniture industry. I took the "feet" off of the desk and took down the door to the office and one door stop strip and slid the desk problems. This mess was going on when I was supposed to be on a conference call however...but, I was only going to be a listener anyway.

So, here are some pictures. This one is as you come into the office from the hallway. You can see the desk in the left. At the far right is an antique desk that has been in the family for generations - handed down to me from my grandmother. This desk spent some time in Seven Oaks Plantation (now long gone) near New Orleans. Also shown are my replica uniforms. I have a Confederate Major's frock coat, and a Confederate colonel's shell jacket (this is actually my brother' that he has a great house, he may want that back for his office), and an 1879 British tunic of the 24th Foot. A rebel kepi, British Glenngarry, pirate hat and WW2 ammo belt round out the items. The helmet above is from WW1 (my great grandfather's).

You can see that the walls beg for color (Mom!). Also, I think a reproduction WW2 German tunic would go nicely in here.

The next image shows the workstation. One of the selling points of my desk was the computer power center on the right. I have a 33" monitor for use when writing code, styling web pages, etc.

The final image is the chair my wife wished added to the room. Now when I am locked up in here gaming or coding, she can sit there and play sudoko. The images on the wall are from the awesome, and free, National Guard Prints. The golden framed picture is my great-grandfather from when we went off to WW1.


  1. That wide screen Dell monitor and the sabre on the wall above it look familar ;-)

    Tony, that is a nice home office / game room. But what happened to those large tables we played Johnny Reb III on?

    I will have to take pictures of my new home office / game room to send to you. The walls are cream colored which looks good with the hardwood floors, but I'm toying with the idea of painting the walls imperial green with stained wood trim.

  2. Hey Ray! Those tables were folding tables and they are in the basement. Heck yeah, that sabre oughtta look familiar - it hangs on my wall courtesy of you - on loan from the "Trochim museum".

    I love to see pics of your office too! I like the idea of the green and wood together.

  3. Just so we are clear about this, the sabre is not on loan, it was a gift to you. As for the museum, it doesn't exist anymore. most of the pieces were sold or given away before departing overseas.

    I'll take pics soon.

  4. Ah, thank you, you are too kind!