Sunday, May 2, 2010

French Foreign Legion

Below are pictures of my French Foreign Legion miniatures. They are suitable for early WW1 or late 19th century periods. I collected them for some WW1 games, but now that is over and I have no further need for them. So, our club has an annual swap meet & sale at its May meeting, and these guys are now up for sale (25MM Old Glory Miniatures).

The group contains 30 infantry and 4 infantry command as well as 1 mounted officer. There are 2 machine guns and 10 crewmen for those guns. IN addition, there is a 75MM field gun and 4 crew for that gun and an emplacement I built. I also have 32 unpainted "Arab" enemies for the men that I am tossing into the sale for free...oh, and there are 2 more unpainted machine guns with crew.

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