Saturday, May 22, 2010

15MM Cornfield - for Ray!

Hey Ray! I mentioned on one of your comments on my 28MM corn that I would post a pic of what I use for 15MM corn. is that pic. Do you think it would work for you? Side note: be safe - and eat well (I loooove Thai food!) - in Thailand, your friends here in Denver say hello! Get home for a visit and some gaming!


  1. I remember those cornfields from our games (and those fences I copied). But I can't find those types of door mats here. Will have to keep an eye out for alternatives. O better yet, I need to find a smaller version of what you use for the 28mm cornfields.

    Say hi to everyone for me. As for Thai food - actually, in Thailand we just call it food or "ah-hahn" in Thai - when should pick you up at the airport? I know some great places to eat at.

  2. if you think those will work for you, email me your address (rather than posting it in a comment) and I can see about mailing you a mat.

  3. Thanks for the offer, but lemme look around first. Still going to try to make something like what you have done for your 28mm cornfields, but only see if I can't find something close that will work for 15mm ones.