Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where ya gonna go...

...when the volcano blow? Here is an image of the volcano I worked on the past weekend. It is certainly game-ready, but I'd like to add a small "leak" of hot lava to it. There is a narrow pathway up the side of the volcano which will lead to a really sweet treasure in the scenario. Of course, the volcano is a dangerous place - one of those high risk high reward types of places. Some of my pirates and palm trees are placed in the picture to give scale.

The volcano is made from a paper towel roll with angular supporting spines and is covered with paper towel shards that were soaked in a glue/water mix. It has been sprayed with textured spray paint but you can still see some paper towel texture. Well, groovy enough for a fun game. The pirates are 25MM Old Glory Miniatures, the palm trees are cake decorations and dollar store toys.

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