Thursday, May 20, 2010

Does this look OK?

How does this look to you? My plan is to build some "town" sections for 15MM Napoleonics for use with Black Powder. My idea is to build sections that can hold 1 unit (for example this section can hold a "normal" sized unit). Sections of differing sizes can be used to represent smaller villages or strongpoints. Sections can be combined to create larger towns.

As you can see, I scaled and printed the art of various free paper buildings from the web, and constructed a "wall" around the base of the town section. In this manner, i can insert an occupying unit without having to remove model buildings. The upside is that it is cheap and easy to do and is very playable and still maintains a certain "look". Here is the town with troops!

Let me know what you think.


  1. Interesting idea, but in a way it seems to look odd... don't you think?

  2. Yeah, I think I am "OK" with it, but not "sold" on it...hence asking for the opinions of others. Will also take to the club meeting too.