Monday, June 20, 2011

Schizo Painting

I was able to do some painting over the weekend...but it was mixed between 28MM Nappy's and 28MM is the evidence of my schizophrenia...

The first image is of Perry plastic hussars. I must say that they are awesome miniatures. I also must say that I hate the color scheme I chose here - it looked better on the nice painting guide that came in the box. It is the 9th Hussars who had several companies in Spain.

Next up are the Perry plastic dragoons. Once again, awesome miniatures. What I love about the dragoons is that you get 8 dismounted dragoons too.

The thing about the plastics is that they are a pain to assemble - for me, I have to be in the mood. But you do get a lot of flexibility in the poses. They paint up well too, although these guys are getting the basic paint job - so, I guess what I mean is that after a little primer, they take paint very, very well.

Here are some American "leaders" I recently acquired (at the club swap meet). I wanted the miniature on the walkie-talkie but the package came with the other models in it too.

What I have been working on in most of my current spare time is a Spanish church complex for Napoleonic skirmish gaming. The bottom level is 95% completed - I have to texture the ground. Then I can build the next level and paint it all up. I am building it for a friend who supplied most of the materials - sadly, he supplied them loooooooong ago and this project just kept getting shoved into the rear-view mirror.

Pics of that to come as we get closer...

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