Saturday, June 18, 2011

Family Photo

Sorry, no wargame post here - posting a family photo (and forwarding a link to my family). The photo is military in nature however.

When my grandmother passed away about 5 years ago, I came into possession of the below photo of Company G of the 347th Infantry taken during World War One. The photo is, obviously, quite old and quite long, about 44" long. It had been rolled up for almost a century and was quite brittle.

Recently, while at a craft store (getting paper roses for the vegetable garden) we saw a sale on framing. So, we had this image framed (click for a larger view). It now hangs in my home office above my desk - in easy view.

347th Infantry Company G
The image is taken in front of a barrack building, presumably in the United States before transport to France.  My great-grandfather, Octave Boudreaux, is the rightmost cook in the center of the picture. Here is a close-up snap of man (click for a larger view).

Cajun Cookin' for the Troops
The image is stained from decades of people touching the image with their fingers to point him out. Another reason to have finally gotten the image framed.

I have his helmet, and another wartime portrait of him hanging in my home office. My grandmother and mother always said he turned his bayonet into sort of a butcher knife when he got home. Cajuns are resourceful!

That's all for now, more later...I painted a couple of French Hussars and Dragoons for The Spanish Ulcer.

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