Friday, May 27, 2011

Pirate Action

Well, nearly a month of quiet on this blog...sorry...hasn't been quiet around here, just too much going on to post photos and such...but...while I was away...

We played a pirate scenario using Legends of the High Seas. In this scenario, a large group of pirates attacked the hidden island stronghold of another band of pirates. The smaller band, defending their "fortress" could stand to the last man, while the attackers played with the normal morale rules. The object of the attack is to take the ship and any loot that those pirates may have in the fortress.

The smaller band, defending the fortress, was run by myself while my brother and his wife ran the larger attacking force. It did not start off well for me as the cannon on the wall misfired on the first shot and took two turns to "reload" that time, the cannon was pretty much out of the battle.

Ignoring this omen, my men fought bravely as the assailing scallywags mounted their assault, bearing ladders with which to scale the walls. Clearly, these raiders had staked out the fort and came with a plan! My men defended the wall strongly, but were overcome by numbers. Once the enemy was within the compound, my captain showed his mettle in close combat. He killed three of the attackers, always fighting more than one enemy and was finally overcome when the attacking captain, a swashbuckler and a deckhand all attacked him.

In one area, an attacking pirate armed with a blunderbuss let a round off that took out a key wall of my swabs ran out of the gate and attacked him. Although the close combat amounted to nothing and the brave pirate was soon killed, the move was very brave. Very cinematic!

In the end, those thieves stole the ship of my thieves...and my thieves were all dead or recruited into the winning crew! Great and fun battle, great rules...get them if you have not!

Here are some images...

The Prize Ship

Carrying the new "recruit"

The Cannon Redoubt

Some of the attackers

Getting Closer!

Up the ladders!

The End is Near

The last artilleryman succumbs

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