Friday, May 27, 2011

Vietnam Action

While my brother was here, we played a little Vietnam gaming. Not too much, as we were feeling our way through the rules, but enough to get some fun action in and get some pics. We're playing Piquet's Forgotten Heroes - with some additional flavor tacked on.

The airmobile stuff is really fun. A Hog came in and did some fairly good suppression work on the NVA on the edge of the LZ ...but there were too many NVA around. One of the three Slicks went down while coming in, but two others successfully delivered their squads to the ground for the fire-fight!

The American Objective

Man, armor and tracks are tough...

Tracks head up to clear an LZ

Tracks in action

A potential LZ, contested by some NVA

The last of the NVA near this LZ

The NVA kill a track and are assaulting the former passengers

Me, and my brother, setting up some troops

Wargaming Dorks

Air Assault. The LZ is at the upper right

The Hog will soften it up for the Slicks

The Hog goes into action!

In come the Slicks!

One Slick down! The others unloaded successfully
Long Road South...

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  1. Very cool! Looks like your project is nearly complete. You need some more "Jungle".