Friday, May 27, 2011

Napoleonic Skirmish

Our club recently had a swap meet, and I traded stuff and got some Victrix plastic Napoleonics. I had not really intended to get any 28MM Napoleonics - maybe never - but (1) there is at least one club member that is really wanting to play Peninsular skirmish battles and (2) the deal was alright and the stuff I traded went to one of my favorite people, Colin.

Colin is the young son (10, I think?) of a very good man in our club and terrific gamer, Scott. Colin is actually developing into quite the gamer too. I believe that I have yet to defeat him in Flames of War (or maybe anything for that matter)!

Anyway, back to the Nappies. So, I painted up a few of these plastics to see how they go...and I think they go splendidly. They go together pretty easily. At first it was a pain, but after a few guys you get the hang of it. They have terrific detail and paint up nicely. The variation of pose and soldier type are almost endless and excellent instructions come in the box to build grenadiers versus fusiliers versus voltigeurs, etc. Also, some really awesome flags come in the box too! So, I give these plastics two thumbs up!

I also bought the Song of Drums and Shakos to use as rules. They won an award a couple years ago and look fun. I really like the activation system too.

Here are the handful of minis I have produced so far...with visions of Sharpe's Rifles dancing in my head!

British Chaps!

I also started a little terrain. This is a patch of crops (cabbage?) made with the tiny paper roses you get at the craft store. More terrain to come. Yes, Greg, that is coming too!

With a Fusilier for scale


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