Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Logo and Color Change

Yesterday sucked. Work was an "interesting" day and my car broke down on the way home. Well, at least I wasn't killed by blue ice falling from an airliner passing overhead. I was able to work out some frustrations by designing a logo for this blog - finally moving off of the plain old styles that come with whatever brown-ugly template I was using.Today at lunchtime I was able to actually place the logo up on the blog.

I am from New Orleans and that is part of Louisiana's bayou I picked a "swamp font" for the logo and worked some style crap on it. The font's name is "it came from the swamp". Gators and algae are greenish, so I flipped around the colors a bit.

I may still tinker with the background of the text. We'll see. I like that parchment image. I may even tinker more with the background image.

Anyway...I was sick of the brown, sick of the day and could not sit and paint miniatures. Scotch and photoshop were the order of the evening.

Oh, the car is fine now. Timing belt broke. I was only a mile from home and on a back road...if it was going to break, that was a good time. Ten minutes earlier I was on I-25 in rush hour traffic. That would have sucked tenfold or more!