Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Russian Artillery

Yesterday, I finished up some Soviet artillery for my storm battalion. Nice models. They are 76mm ZIS-3 Field Guns. I got the box set that included the staff team. command team and the observer. My only complaint is that  this set is ridiculously expensive...$70USD.

In the set, you get 4 guns, 20 crewmen, 9 other soldiers (staff, command, observers) and 7 bases, 5 of which are nicely detailed resin bases for the guns and staff. There is another boxed set of infantry that contains nothing but 157 miniature infantrymen and the bases for them for the same cost...I simply feel that in comparison, the infantry box is a better economic deal. Well, these are all the guns I need, thank God.

Gripes aside, here is an image:

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