Wednesday, December 1, 2010

15mm World War Two

I took some pictures of some 15mm Germans I had done some time ago to play Flames of War, but we never really got any gaming off the ground. Recently, I started painting some Russians, because I do want to give it another go - there is an active club just to the north to game with. This Friday night, a friend is coming over to teach me how to play and this Sunday I am going to their meeting to observe a tournament they are playing.

Both things sound fun...looking forward to the weekend (and not just because another - albeit the last - episode of The Walking Dead is on).

Russian Infantry

German Panzergrenadiers

Tiger I
Halftracks for the Panzergrenadiers
I actually bought the book "Stalin's Europe" because I am interested in Eastern Europe. I'd love to do some Hungarians! First though, I need to build upon what I already have.

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