Monday, December 13, 2010

Regimental Fire & Fury

At the club meeting this past Sunday, one of our members - Dave Manley - hosted a Regimental Fire & Fury game in 28MM. Several of us showed up with our troops, and Dan Gurule and Matt Vigil ran the game (they know the rules, we were learning!).

Sadly, Dave has recently announced a geographic change in his life due to an employment change, so this was his finale game with the club as a regular-attendee. Luckily, Dave will be returning to Denver every month and hopes to squeeze in a game here and there with us when doing so. He's a great gamer and an excellent club member, we're very sorry that he must leave us for a while...but we'd be happy to share a scotch and a game with him at any time (note, blog author pauses here to sip the scotch he is currently consuming).

Well, I had hoped that this would be a battle report regarding the game and the rules, but we had a lot of players and I took a back seat to help in a DBN game and a Battletech game. So, all I have to share is some eye candy shots of the game and the say that the players all had a favorable opinion of the rules. So, I am even more interested in playing them!
Dave before the battle

Ed stopped by...err, Santa stopped by
Doug is ready to save the Union

Rick and Jeff, true Rebels

Dave, Doug and Larry and our younger players
Dan (left) and Larry (Right)

Colin, Dave and Doug (left to right)

Matt, unhappy with the Broncos and his rebel troops

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