Monday, December 13, 2010

Flames of War Pinned Markers

I think these markers will be great "Pinned" markers in Flames of War. My friend Binhan taught me how to make these, they're really simple. So, I thought I'd duplicate his method here.

The main ingredient is foam. Since I have been buying Flames of War models, I have a fair bit of the thin gray foam squares that comes in those boxes and that is perfect for the markers.

All you need, besides the thin foam are 1" washers to glue them to, super glue and a scissors. Take a sheet of the FoW foam and cut it in half, turning the square into two narrow strips. The using a sharp scissors, cut a pointy pattern into the foam. In the image above, you can see the foam in these various stages.

To make the explosion, roll up the foam along the straight edge. When rolled, add a drop of super glue and glue down the end of the roll. I was rally surprised at how well this material works with the super glue! Do be careful tho, the material is porous and you can easily glue your finger.


To make one "explosion" I use two strips of the foam. So, grab another strip and add it to the one you just glued. After gluing that strip on, glue the blast to the washer and you're done.

Put together
The foam material takes spray paint too. I took an easy route and did a black and gray paint job. I suppose one could get all crazy and do stuff like painting red and yellow in the blast for an actual explosion. Maybe even add a model soldier unlucky enough to be caught up in the blast.


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