Sunday, July 29, 2012

Status: 28mm 3K Chinese Army for Pulse of Battle

Now that I have eleven units completed, out of seventeen units planned, I thought it may be time for a status update for my Three Kingdoms Chinese army of Wei. The intended use for this army is for Pulse of Battle. Terry has an opposition army, and I plan another Three Kingdoms army of my own.

When completed, this army will consist of the following units and bits and pieces:

1.   Commanding General and a detachable Military Strategist.
2.   A Hero that is in the direct service of the commanding general.
3.   Four generals to lead individual commands and a couple of musicians to accompany them.
4.   Two bolt-thrower artillery units.
5.   Two units of allied Tribal Light Horse.
6.   One unit of Heavy Cavalry.
7.   Two units of Medium Cavalry.
8.   One unit of mixed missile/halberd Medium Infantry.
9.   One unit of mixed missile/halberd Heavy Infantry.
10. Two units of unarmored crossbow (Light Infantry).
11. Two units of armored crossbow (Medium Infantry?).
12. Two units of unarmored halberds (Medium Infantry).
13. Two units of armored halberds (Heavy Infantry).

The second army, likely Wu, would be similar, but with more foot than horse.Further potential units, that could play in either army include various tribal infantry and peasant infantry. I have a wild hair about Vietnamese levies/allies for the Wu that could include an elephant! We'll see. Dream now, act later. The Wu also employed naval units.

I am looking forward to getting in on the play testing activities for Pulse of Battle. Currently, Brent has scheduled us for the 25th of August to dive in. I eagerly look forward to that date. The Chinese are not on the schedule on that evening - I believe that we're doing Rome and Carthage or something like that...I can't recall at the moment.

When the Chinese make their appearance, I am hoping to field some units and ideas that causes some good thoughts within the game, or just around the game. I have been making notes: mixed-missile units, fire-ships, stratagems - especially stratagems. I love the intrigue and guile employed by the warring parties in the book! Excellent mini-campaign fodder!

Well, here are some pics of the eleven finished units and other bits...(NOTE: I see that several of these images really suck. I'll replace them tomorrow with better ones).

The host - at present

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