Sunday, July 8, 2012

Big Battle DBA Practice

In two weeks, our club takes on the Colorado Springs club in the Second Annual DBA Smack Down. Naturally, we used the club meeting as an opportunity for a team-wide practice session!

The Smack Down will involve several games of one-on-one DBA and Big Battle DBA. This year's theme is Roman Civil War.

General Brown and I are again paired in a big battle affair and we practiced today against two excellent DBA players, Greg Rold and Matt Vigil. I was able to sneak a couple of pictures out - but the Colorado Military Historians censors got hold of them and decided to black out some information - in order to preserve secret intel from getting into the hands of the Colorado Springs Gamers!

Greg and Matt are excellent gentlemen and DBA-ers

The good General Brown, a talented DBA-er in his own right

Suffice it to say that we performed well against our talented stand-in opponents have have increased our mastery over the particular qualities of our forces. In addition, many of our other team mates reported successful outings today as well. Looks like we're in store for good fun and good victories on the 28th!

The General's dancing girls were busy working their magic on our die rolls.

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