Tuesday, July 31, 2012

55th NY Flag - ACW

I love flags! I am a VERY AMATEUR vellixologist! I happened upon this flag this morning and decided to make one for my ACW troops. The 55th NY Volunteer Infantry.


Looks like they had some action in the early war period. Remnants being merged after December of '62.

What I like about it is the obvious French flag! I know that I did not get the laurel quite right, but I can't draw that stuff! I found an image to use on the great Internet. Making the flag is easy, colored rectangles. The "wavy texture" is from the excellent "Flag Monday" series at Quinda Studios. That gentleman makes some amazing flags!

I printed this up for my Yankees. I can't wait to see it waving on my tabletop!

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  1. Really nice flags Tony. They will look fantastic on your troops.