Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Busy, busy, busy...

I have been pretty busy since the last post...besides work, I have been laser focused on a couple of Microsoft certifications. My downtime from all of that has been pretty free of gaming but I have still managed to paint more 28mm Three Kingdoms Chinese and get about ten or so 28mm WW2 vehicles into various stages of paint.

Regarding the WW2 vehicles, I got a few of Warlord's excellent 1/56 scale vehicles. Germans and Russians. Americans in a future order. When finished, I'll get some images of those up.

About the only gaming I have done has been working on a 28mm variant of WW2 rules based upon the Song of Drums and Shakos engine...but not individual soldiers...squad level. I am really enjoying the mechanic, feels really skirmishy to me...but at the platoon level of skirmishy!

I am basing the miniatures the same as for Brent's WW2 game, so that I get double usage from them. Of course, Brent's game is in the far future with respect to a timeline. I am good with that, I really want to get into Pulse of Battle!!!

Matt came over Sunday and we managed to play a game of this experiment, and really had a good time with it. I'll toss some photos up below. We staged this battle in Estonia in 1944 - Russians on the the offensive.

This Saturday evening, the Austrian Napoleonics campaign continues at Brent's...very much looking forward to that! I'll post again on Sunday about all that...

I took these photos with my iPad, and edited them using SnapSeed. SnapSeed is a really awesome app! The user interface simply rocks! Give it a try! I used some of the groovy effects to try to get a little drama in the shots...

Soviet Armor rolls up with infantry support

Big fight in the town

Intense firefight - small arms, tanks, mortars and at-guns!

I made some markers. "Activation" and "Hits"

Estonian Home Army forces assault the Soviets


  1. Indeed, sir. Played pretty darn cool too! I think you'd like it. If you want to play, let me know - but don't you get tempted too much for "Follow Me!". All the Pulse of Battle crowd will be after you!