Wednesday, May 23, 2012

West Wars 2012

Another West Wars Weekend has come and gone. On Saturday morning I ran an ACW game using Field of Battle 2 (naturally).

I had a full table of six players. On the Union side were Jordan Newport (Yankee commander) and Rick Stockton and John Mumby. On the Confederate side were Dave Minor (Rebel commander) and Matt Vigil and Jeff Caruso.

I deployed the two sides during set up to save time and then gave the two commanders various options they could use to change their deployments. The Rebs redeployed one brigade and the Yanks advanced one brigade forward. After these changes, it looked to me like the Rebs were gonna strike up the middle of the field while the Yanks do a right hook. And that is sorta what happened...sorta. No plan survives contact with the enemy!

Indeed, the Rebs made some headway up the middle, but the expense of advancing into the teeth of the Union army was large. The Union right hook never really got completely off the ground. One of the two brigades was detoured to help deal with the Rebs in the middle and the other - without the strength to overwhelm the Rebel left flank - settled into an artillery duel.

The battle ended when both armies had severely damaged their enemies - it was like watching a brutal boxing match! Really, there seemed to be a real intensity in the middle of the field! With neither side possessing any Morale Points - it came down to who would draw the Army Morale Card first. Well, it wasn't until the third Army Morale Card was drawn that the fight was decided. The Rebs won by a nose.

The historical record will show that the South held the field but with so bloody a day did not possess the strength to pursue. Both armies would need some time to succor their losses!

Here are some pics. If you played in my game, thank you! If you didn't, well, then, you missed a good time! I also have a couple of other pics from the weekend tossed in...

The Field of Battle

Good Times!

Mumby vs. Vigil - North vs. South

Caruso's Rebels

Dan's LBSDS Game

Dave's Rorke's Drift Game

General Brown's DBA Campaign

John's Knight's Cross Game


Large Battle Song of Drums and Shakos


  1. Looks like a great game. You have made FOB 2 more popular than I could at CMH. In fact more than one of those players told me straight out that they like the look of my games but could not stand Piquet. Looks like I was the problem, not Piquet FOB. ;-)

    Greg C.

  2. Na...not you, man! I think people just don't understand that FoB and Piquet and simply not the same game!