Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More 1/56 WW2 Vehicles

Was able to complete a few more of the Warlord Games 1/56 WW2 vehicles. First up we have a Soviet armored car. It is only armed with a machine gun, but should serve its purpose well: scoot around, scout, cause a little high-speed mayhem.

Next up is the ubiquitous Panther tank. I thought I had some German national marking decals, but I did not, so I need to order some.

Then, the classic, late-model PzKpfw IV. Again, needs some national markings (soon).

Lastly, a Soviet SU-100. Anyone who has seen the classic images of armored vehicles moving through the high grasses of the Steppe - leaving a set of tracks behind - can see the effect I am going for with this basing. I am just not sure about how it looks. Your thoughts?


  1. They look great! I love the basing. I'll have to look at the Warlord 1/56 stuff to fill gaps in the stuff I have in 1/60. I don't think the difference in scale should be a problem on the table.

  2. Brent, thanks, man. The size diff is really not an issue. I have a couple of 1/60 Old Glory T-34's and the Warlord 1/56 SU-100 (T-34 Chassis) is practically the same size. So, yeah, I wouldn't think it would be a concern.

  3. I like the SU-100 base. Something different. It looks odd because it is not surrounded by fields of wheat.