Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A couple Friday's ago...the 11th...we played a game of Field of Battle 2 in the American Civil War. The occasion was that Dave Manley let us know he would be in town and available that evening for gaming action. Dave is a longtime member of our wargame club and a good guy and gamer. So, we welcomed the news of his availability!

Rick Stockton, Matt Grippin and Dave Minor accepted my invitation to join in on the fun evening. We had snacks and beer and bourbon and scotch - of course - so don't worry, we had a very good evening.

Rick, Dave (Minor) and Matt took command of the Union forces and Dave (Manley) and I commanded the Confederate forces. Dave had pointed out that in all of our years of gaming together it is a rare date when we are on the same that is how we chose sides.

Let's see. Since I got 1 commander killed and badly handled one of my brigades, I am sure Dave will not suggest this again! The only good thing I did was send a brigade to reinforce Dave's efforts on our left.

You see, the two Daves really went at it on the far Rebel flank. There was a hill there that seemed to change hands about three or four times! Many an Army Morale poker chip was spent in this fight. Really, it was the main action of the fight.

Matt and I didn't really get into the action with each other until later in the fight. Rick was rushing his troops into the fray with the Daves but actually blundered a couple times leading to a big delay.

Anyway - I look forward to Mr. Manley's next visit!!!!!!

Dave Minor - Pondering the Charts

Down goes Fryer...again.

Yankee Generals

General Manley

The Generals for the Evening

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