Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yeah, More Zombies!

Was able to get seven more zombies painted (I think that leaves me with about 25 or 30 to go). This batch includes the last of the bomber zombies and a couple of (formerly) high-ranking soldiers.

The first zombie is one I call "The Field Marshall". His baton is a bit grisly though - but I suppose that he has retained a bit of his memories and sought a replacement baton. The second zombie I painted up as a Luftwaffe colonel (Colonel Klink, perhaps?). The last two bomber zombies are shown in this image too. The last one is packing a satchel charge...look out when he goes off!

This image simply shows some more of the "rank and file" zombies.

Currently on the table are more of the electro-mechanical soldiers, a zombie "controller" and a German grenadier wearing some body armor.

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