Sunday, February 20, 2011

Living Soldiers

Sadly, not all posts can be about zombies. This one is about some living soldiers - although one of the miniatures has a direct link to the zombies!

 The above image shows a couple of the German types that will be in the campaign games. Number 1 is a "pinger" whose equipment allows them to exert some control over the zombies that (1) are within his range and (2) have been implanted with a controlling device. He has no control at all over "wild zombies". Number 2 is a panzergrenadier that is equipped with body armor and a gas mask. These men are specially trained to work near zombies.

 The above image show more of the Americans with body armor and gas masks. Number 1 is a medic - which could be quite useful in a zombie game. The other two are NCOs.

The above image is of American officers. In the campaign each player will have one officer in his section. A player's section represents hand-picked troops specifically for the secret-mission. Within the context of a Nuts! or All Things Zombie game, these miniatures are "Stars" and will be the player's personae on the tabletop.

The last picture simply shows how I mark my miniatures. Where appropriate, each miniature has a small number to uniquely identify him from his comrades. This is very helpful in games where a unit roster is needed. In addition, it helps new players identify their men, etc. On officers and NCOs, I also add an icon that indicates their status as one of these ranks as it too is often helpful. Yeah, it does sort of detract from the visual presentation - but I don't mind it too much.

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